The training faculty at OFTRI included highly qualified and experienced personals. The faculty members are having expertise in different fields of ornamental fisheries viz; ornamental fish production, farm designing, aquarium fabrication, marketing as well as entrepreneurship development.

Dr. Atul Kumar Jain

DesignationFounder & Director
Qualification M.Sc. (Fish & Fisheries Science)
Ph.D. (Aquatic Biology)
SpecializationFreshwater ornamental fish production, Farm designing, Health management, Life saving equipment, Designing of Public aquarium gallery, Institutional funding

Deepti Jain

DesignationCo-founder and Manager
Qualification M.Com. (Business administration)
SpecializationFinance management, Aquarium retail shop management, Customer relations

Dr. R. K. Upadhyay

Qualification M.Sc., Ph.D.
SpecializationNursery & culture pond management, Live feed culture, Water quality management

Sushma Kumari

DesignationLecturer (Visiting)
Qualification M. Sc. (Fish & Fisheries)
SpecializationFish nutrition and feed management, Breeding of live bearer, barbs and tetra group fishes

Dr. Abhinika Jain

DesignationLecturer (Visiting)
Qualification M. F. Sc. (Aquaculture) Ph. D. (Aquaculture)
SpecializationColour enhancement in ornamental fishes, setting up and maintenance of marine aquarium, Breeding of marine ornamental fishes

Vivek Rane

DesignationLecturer (Visiting)
Qualification M. Sc. (Horticulture)
SpecializationCulture of ornamental aquatic plants, setting up and maintenance of planted aquarium

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