Aquarium Keeping Hobby / Aquarium Hobbyist

Learn The Basics Of Freshwater Aquarium Keeping

An online training module for new and old hobbyists to learn the basics of aquarium keeping


  • Know the basic science and art of aquarium keeping
  • Facilitate cost-effective procurement and installation of aquarium
  • Learn day-to-day aquarium maintenance requirements
  • Know the health and feed management of freshwater aquarium fishes

Course Delivery

  • Online
  • E-study material
  • Audio-video lectures
  • Assessment Test



Open to all

Course Duration

330 minutes only

Training Timings

Any time within 6 months after registration



Course Contents

Unit-1: Understand Aquatic Ecosystem: The natural home of a fish
Unit-2: Water: The lifeline of fish
Unit-3: Aquarium: A home away from home
Unit-4: Aquarium Equipment: Create a natural habitat in an aquarium
Unit-5: Freshwater Aquarium Fishes: General biology and compatibility
Unit-6: Aquarium Purchase and Installation: Do it yourself in easy steps
Unit-7: Aquarium Maintenance: Regular care is rewarding
Unit-8: Ethical Aquarium Keeping: A must for sustainable hobby and biodiversity conservation

Course Fee

Rs. 2360/- (In India); US$ 100 (Other countries)


Certificate of Achievement from OFTRI

Contact Details

Email: ; Mobile: 9001254762, 98288-46881

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