Raj Kumar Gameti

Raj Kumar Gameti

Farm manager and Senior Training Instructor

Qualification: B. F. Sc., M. Sc. (Fish & Fisheries)

Specialization: Breeding and culture of freshwater ornamental fishes, Water quality analysis, Day to the day farm operation and management

Email: rajfisheries135@gmail.com

Rajkumar is a fisheries science graduate with about four years’ experience of working at ornamental fish production farm. He graduated from College of Fisheries, Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture Technology, Udaipur in the year 2015. He started his professional career as an Aquaculture trainee with Marine Products Export Development Authority (Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India), Kochi and joined OFTRI as farm manager-cum-senior training instructor in 2016. He has skilled himself in breeding and culture of many varieties of freshwater ornamental fishes in a very short period of time as well regular culture/collection of various live fish feeds viz; infusoria, artemia, daphnia, earthworm, blood worms and mosquito larvae. He has undertaken many trainings in the field of ornamental fisheries at various national institutes of the country. He has been very perfectly managing all the fish production activities as well as training programmes organized at the farm from time to time.

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