Training is one of the main and most important activities of OFTRI. A number of training programs that include both self-finance as well as government sponsored are organized by the institute from time to time. The self-finance programs are of 5 days duration and need based whereas the government sponsored programs are of 25-45 days duration and organized subsequent to approval of the sponsoring agencies. However, a training program either self-finance or government sponsored aims at upgrading the knowledge & skills of the participants in the field of “Ornamental fisheries” through teaching theoretical concepts along with live demonstrations, films and hands-on experience. Any training program is so designed that a participant should be able to set up his/her own business related to ornamental fisheries while those who are already in the business, able to further upgrade.  The details of all these different programs along with fee, eligibility and course contents etc. are described as Featured Training Programs. An interested candidate may Pre-register and contact for further details.

  • Aquarium Hobbyist
  • AquariumTechnician
  • Entrepreneurship development and management training in Ornamental Fish Production and Aquarium Trade (5 Days)

Aquarium Hobbyist

About the Course :Many aspiring hobbyists hesitate to keep aquariums, fearing regular mortality of fishes, day-to-day maintenance difficulties and high cost. It is not true, maintenance of aquariums is easiest, cheapest, and much more rewarding in terms of pleasure, enjoyment and health benefits compared to other pets provided the hobbyists, educate themselves with some basic knowledge on aquarium keeping.
The present e-course module on “Freshwater aquarium keeping” is designed to technically educate aspiring hobbyists on the basics of the science and art of aquarium keeping as it is not only the science or art alone but a combination of both.

Course Content:


Course Content


Understand Aquatic Ecosystem: The natural home of a fish


Water: The life line of fish


Aquarium: A home away from home


Aquarium Equipment: Create natural habitat in an aquarium


Freshwater Aquarium Fishes: General biology and compatibility


Aquarium Purchase and Installation: Do it yourself in easy steps


Aquarium Maintenance: A regular care is rewarding


Ethical Aquarium Keeping: A must for sustainable hobby and biodiversity conservation


  • Understand the basic science of aquarium keeping.
  • Facilitate cost effective procurement and installation of aquarium.
  • Learn day to day aquarium maintenance requirements.
  • Know health and feed management of freshwater aquarium fishes.

Delivery Method: Self-taught , audio and video lectures, downloadable materials, reading material
Language of Instruction : English
Educational Qualification : Open for all
Age : Open for all
Course Duration:6 months 330 minutes within 6 months
Course fees: Rs 2000 + 18% GST (For Indian Studnets)

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About the Course :An opportunity for aquarium shop owners and aquarium service providers to become a CertifiedAquarium Trader and Aquarium Service Provider through an on-line training program.

Course Content:


Course Content


An introduction of aquarium trade
Role of aquarium technician and progression pathway
Fabrication of aquarium tanks
Identify freshwater ornamental fishes


Selection of Fish
Setting up and maintenance of freshwater aquarium
Planted Aquarium
Garden ponds for Keeping Fish


Setting up and maintenance of marine water aquarium
Bio-security and quarantine of aquarium fishes
Packaging and transportation of aquarium fishes
Code of ethics for an aquarium technician

Training Objective: To recognise the prior learnings, experience and knowledge of existing aquarium traders & service providers for an effective delivery of services in order to promote the hobby of ornamental fish keeping as well as aquarium trade.

Benefits of the Training :

  • The interested existing aquarium traders andservice providers could join the trainingprogram from their working places withoutdisturbing their day-to-day business activities.
  • Enhance their skill and learn about basicscientific & management concepts ofornamental fish keeping.
  • Awarded with a certificate from national skill development council (ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship , government of India) on successful completion. It will be helpful to obtain benefits of government schemes.

Delivery Method: Google meet
Language of Instruction : English and/or Hindi
Number of Seats : 10 (Ten) only
Educational Qualification : Open for all
Age : Open for all
Course Duration: 3 days
Course fees: Rs 6000/- (The course fees include soft copy of training manual and assessment fees of ASCI)
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Entrepreneurship development and management training in
Ornamental Fish Production and Aquarium Trade (5 Days)

About the course: Entrepreneurship development and management training in ornamental fish production and Aquarium trade (EDMT in OFPAT) is a very short duration programme organized on self-finance mode only. It is specifically designed to cater to the need of those professionals who are working in other fields but want to set up their own business in the field of ornamental fish production and/or aquarium trade. However, due to limitation of sparing time from the ongoing employment or business, they are unable to take leave to join a long duration training programme. This course is also useful for those persons who are working in the field of ornamental fisheries but neither having a formal education nor a proper experience in this field.

Course Contents: The course contents are designed to provide a larger view of the ornamental fish industry and entrepreneurship development opportunities in the field. More emphasis is given on one to one interaction in addition to classroom lectures.

Day 11. International and national Status of ornamental fish trade

2. Biology of commercially important fishes

3. Breeding and culture of ornamental fishes-Live bearers, egg layers, nest builders etc.

Day 21. Food and feeding habits of ornamental fishes,

2. Culture of live fish feed,

3. Construction of an ornamental fish breeding and culture farm,

4. Soil and water quality characteristics,

Day 31. Diseases of aquarium fishes-causes, diagnosis and treatment,

2. Management of an  ornamental fish breeding and culture farm,

3. Economics of  operations,

Day 41. Fabrication of different types of aquarium,

2. Aquarium hardware-Filters, light and heating devices, Water quality, Decorative items of aquarium,

3. Setting up and maintenance of aquarium

Day 51. Setting up of an aquarium shop,

2. Procurement of ornamental fishes and other accessories,

3. Formulation of a bankable project, Government schemes for developing ornamental fisheries

Delivery Method: Class room lectures, Film shows, Field demonstrations, Case studies, One to one discussion
Language of Instruction: English and/or Hindi
Number of Seats: 5 (Five) only
Educational Qualification: Any level
Age: Any level
Course duration: 5 Days (Monday to Friday)
Course fee : Rs. 12,000/- (Rupees twelve thousands) only inclusive of farm accommodation and vegetarian food. A candidate needs to pre-registerto be informed of training schedule.
Benefits: A participant will learn about entrepreneurship development opportunities in the fields of ornamental fisheries.

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