OFTRI’s initiative to promote the hobby of ornamental fish keeping

The hobby of ornamental fish keeping is becoming very popular in the country. But large number of new hobbyists discontinue to keep the aquarium after some time due to frequent mortality of the fish and other maintenance problems. In order to help and educate the aquarium hobbyists, the Ornamental Fisheries Training and Research Institute has initiated a new program named as “Aquarium Hobbyists Awareness Program”.  As part of this initiative, OFTRI plans to share tips on basics of aquarium keeping through one-page bulletin to be issued on every thursday of the week. It will include various subjects viz., purchase of an aquarium, installation and day to day maintenance of aquarium, feeding and keeping of different varieties of ornamental fishes, prevention and cure of diseases in ornamental fishes, compatible varieties and combinations of fish could be kept in an aquarium, setting up of a planted and marine aquarium, water quality monitoring in an aquarium etc. The first bulletin was issued on 7th November, 2019. The bulletins are issued through various social media agents as well as on the oftri website www.oftri.org.


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