Agri-clinic and Agri-Business Center

Agri-clinic and Agri-Business Centre (60 Days)

About the course

The Agri-clinic and Agri-Business Centre (AC & ABC) programme is an initiative of National Institute of Agriculture Extension Management (Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer’s Welfare, Government of India), Hyderabad i.e. MANAGE. The objective of AC & ABC is to empower graduates of agriculture and allied disciplines (fisheries/Life sciences) with such skills and technical capabilities that they are either able to set up a “Service Provide Centers” known as “Agri-clinic and Agri-Business Centre to help the aquaculture farmers or plan to set up their own aqua-farming or related startups. The ACABC is being implemented in the country by any numbers of Nodal Training Institute (NTI). Normally an NTI under AC&ABC covers all disciplines of agriculture, dairy, animal husbandry and fisheries. But, the OFTRI has been selected to impart training in fisheries and aquaculture related disciplines only.

Course Contents

The entire training module is divided into four different sections. The contents of each section are described in the table below

Section I35 days
  • A detailed review of Indian fisheries resources, present status and future potential in the field of fisheries in India
  • Technological know-how and scope of development
  • Entrepreneurship development opportunities in fisheries
  • Entrepreneurship promotion schemes of NFDB and MANAGE
  • Practical and demonstrations
  • Hands-on training
  • Field visits
Section II5 Days
  • Importance of project reports in entrepreneurship development
  • How to write a project report for availing funding support from financial institutions and developmental agencies
  • Project related costs, total cost estimates, cost-benefit ratio, calculation of BEP and other financial analysis
Section III10 Days
  • Selection of topics for project preparation considering the interest of candidates and availability of resources
  • Grouping of candidates with similar project concepts
  • Review of literature, Group discussions and preparation of first DPR draft
  • Presentation of DPR in the entire group for peer review
Section IV4 Days
  • Incorporation of suggestions in the DPR
  • Presentation of final DPR

Delivery Method

Classroom lectures, Practical, demonstrations, One to one discussion, Presentation of case studies, Group discussions

Language of Instruction

English and/or Hindi

Number of Seats

35 (Thirty-Five) only

Educational Qualification

Graduates in Fisheries or Life Sciences or agriculture


Maximum 50 Years

Course Duration

60 Days

Course fee

The training is completely free of cost including lodging and boarding. However, the schedule of training is not known in advance. An interested candidate is advised to pre-register for advanced intimation about forthcoming programmes


Admission is based on scrutiny of applications by a panel including officials/representative of MANAGE followed by a telephonic interview


A participant is entitled to avail funding up to Rs. 20.00 lakh from a nationalised bank including subsidy up to 35% to set up their business.

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