Instructor Category: Faculty

Dr. R. K. Upadhyay

Qualification: MSc, PhD Specialization: Nursery & culture pond management, Live feed culture, Water quality management Email: Dr. Ravinder Kumar Upadhyaya is having an experience of 34 years in aquaculture and fisheries science as a researcher, academician and trainer. He started his professional career with Central Institute of Fisheries Education (Indian Council of Agriculture Research, [...]

Deepti Jain

Qualification: M.Com. (Business administration) Specialization: Finance management, Aquarium retail shop management, Customer relations Deepti Jain, the co-founder of OFTRI is having about 24 years’ experience in the field of ornamental fisheries.  She has been managing the commercial marketing unit of the firm mainly an aquarium retail outlet and large number of annual aquarium maintenance contracts [...]

Deepak Paliwal

Qualification: M.S.W., Diploma in HRD Specialization: Aquarium fabrication, Installation and maintenance Email: Deepak is a post graduate in social works and human resource development but chosen the field of ornamental fisheries as a career being an aquarium hobbyist. He is having more than 10 years’ experience of managing an aquarium retail outlet as well [...]

Raj Kumar Gameti

Qualification: B. F. Sc., M. Sc. (Fish & Fisheries) Specialization: Breeding and culture of freshwater ornamental fishes, Water quality analysis, Day to the day farm operation and management Email: Rajkumar is a fisheries science graduate with about four years’ experience of working at ornamental fish production farm. He graduated from College of Fisheries, Maharana [...]

Atul Kumar Jain

Qualification: M.Sc. (Fish & Fisheries Science) & PhD (Aquatic Biology) Specialization: Freshwater ornamental fish production, Farm designing, Health management, Lifesaving equipment, Designing of Public aquarium gallery, Institutional funding Email: Dr Atul Kumar Jain is having an experience of 36 years in aquaculture as a researcher, academician, trainer and entrepreneur. He served as a Scientist [...]

Sushma Kumari

Qualification: M. Sc. (Fish & Fisheries) Specialization: Fish nutrition and feed management, Breeding of livebearer, barbs and tetra group fishes Email: Sushma is a post graduate in Fish and Fisheries with more than 8 years’ experience of teaching to graduate and post graduate students at RDS College, Muzaffarpur, Bihar. She has sharpened her skill [...]

Dr. Abhinika Jain

Qualification: M. F. Sc. (Aquaculture) Ph. D. (Aquaculture) Specialization: Colour enhancement in ornamental fishes, setting up and maintenance of a marine aquarium, Breeding of marine ornamental fishes Email:

Vivek Rane

Qualification: M. Sc. (Horticulture) Specialization: Culture of ornamental aquatic plants, setting up and maintenance of the planted aquarium Email: Vivek Rane is a post graduate in Floriculture and Landscape Architecture from Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Solan, Himachal Pradesh which is an internationally recognized institution. He has specialization in landscape [...]
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