Deepak Paliwal

Deepak Paliwal

Retail shop manager and Senior Training Instructor

Qualification: M.S.W., Diploma in HRD

Specialization: Aquarium fabrication, Installation and maintenance


Deepak is a post graduate in social works and human resource development but chosen the field of ornamental fisheries as a career being an aquarium hobbyist. He is having more than 10 years’ experience of managing an aquarium retail outlet as well as fabrication, installation and maintenance of aquarium. He is the manager of the most popular retail aquarium outlet of Udaipur. He has fabricated more than 1000 aquarium units and managing regular maintenance of about 250 units through a team of trained ornamental fish technicians. He has developed expertise in fabricating and installing aquarium based re-circulatory aquaculture systems for several R & D units in the country. He feels proud to claim that aquarium fabricated by him will never leak.

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